Fiberglass insulation in Massachusetts

When most people think of insulation, the first thing that pops into their head is the cotton-candy-like fiberglass insulation. As the most common and widely used type of insulation, fiberglass insulation is made from melted sand, which is spun to create that telltale cotton candy appearance. Then, it is either cut into sizes to fit into framing or used as loose fill to be blown into larger spaces. Fiberglass batt insulation is made primarily of recycled materials and is used to insulate floors, walls, ceilings and attics.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

Creates a more comfortable living and working space all year long

Is more affordable than other forms of insulation

Improves the energy efficiency of your home

Lowers your energy bills

Provides effective noise control

Poor insulation reduces a home’s thermal efficiency. This can then lead to increased energy costs as your HVAC system must work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If you’ve been paying high energy bills and suspect that your home’s insulation may be the culprit, turning to 31-W Insulation for fiberglass insulation service is a smart decision.

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