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At Star Insulation, we specialize in providing professionalism and responsiveness, creating a sense of security while increasing the value, comfort and appearance of your home. Our company is built on quality and fortified with genuine interaction. It is designed to withstand the elements and change with the times. High quality isn’t one of the options we offer, it’s the only option we offer.

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    Commercial Insulation

    We are committed to decreasing energy use and increasing savings for industrial and commercial facilities and building projects.

    Residential Insulation

    We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle both small and large projects, providing homeowners with excellent customer service.

    General Insulation

    We can handle all of your insulation needs, including spray foam, blown-in cellulose, blown-in fiberglass and fiberglass batt.


    Commercial &

    We provide a range of insulation services from Spray foam to Cellulose for new structures or re-insulating old houses.

    Improve Your Energy Efficiency today!

    Insulation keeps your home comfortable year-round by keeping out drafts during the winter, and preventing solar heat gain during the summer. Reducing drafts through insulation also works to prevent the potential of airborne pollutants being drawn into your home, such as mold and mildew spores.



    3 k






    Spray Foam Insulation

    is an exceptional “air barrier” and insulator!

    Whether you’re building your dream home, retrofitting existing house or improving with a new addition, Star Insulation is the right choice for all your insulation needs in Massachusetts.

    Reduces Heating and cooling costs by as much as 60%

    Expands to fill every possible gap or hole

    Improves indoor air quality

    Decreases noise pollution
    and reduces dust accumulation.

    Naturally water, mold, mildew and pest resistant

    & improves the overall indoor environment.

    Great for new construction and old construction

    Use for basement insulation, attic insulation and more.


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